Biohazard Sunglasses - New Styles for 2014!

Biohazard Sunglasses, Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses, Cool Sunglasses

Biohazard sunglasses are cool sunglasses with solid color frames and unique color transparent frames. Biohazards can be found in many different colors, far different from any other style you can find. With their high quality durable frames, comfortable fit, wrap around styles and colorful choices, you can't beat our discount prices! Many Biohazard Sunglasses also have wide stems, covering not only your eyes, but also blocking sunlight from the side, providing full protection. Click into each item to view all available colors.

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Biohazard - 8BZ66100
Biohazard - 8BZ66101
Biohazard - 8BZ66102
Biohazard - 8BZ66105
Biohazard - 8BZ66106
Biohazard - 8BZ66110
Biohazard - 8BZ66112
Biohazard - 8BZ66116
Biohazard - 8BZ66118
Biohazard - 8BZ66121
Biohazard - 8BZ66122
Biohazard - 8BZ66123
Biohazard - 8BZ66127
Biohazard - 8BZ66129
Biohazard - 8BZ66132
Biohazard - 8BZ66133
Biohazard - 8BZ66134
Biohazard - 8BZ66136
Biohazard - 8BZ66137
Biohazard - 8BZ66140
Biohazard - 8BZ66141
Biohazard - 8BZ66143
Biohazard - 8BZ66144
Biohazard - 8BZ66153
Biohazard - 8BZ66154
Biohazard - 8BZ66157
Biohazard - 8BZ66159
Biohazard - 8BZ66160
Biohazard - 8BZ66161
Biohazard - 8BZ66162
Biohazard - 8BZ66163
Biohazard - 8BZ66164
Biohazard - 8BZ6648
Biohazard - 8BZ6658
Biohazard - 8BZ6670
Biohazard - 8BZ6675
Biohazard - 8BZ6683
Biohazard - 8BZ6684
Biohazard - 8BZ6690
Biohazard Sunglass Case
Polarized Biohazard - PZBZ66132