Birdz Eyewear - Now in Floatable Frames!

Birdz Eyewear, Rx Birdz Eyewear, Floatable Birdz Eyewear

New improved models that float!  Great for watersports.  Includes the Raven, Quail, Wing, T-Bird, Oriole, Polarized Seahawk, Ostrich and the Gull!
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Birdz Eyewear offers Rx Compatible Eyewear and Rx Insert Kits. Rx Compatible means that the particular model can be fitted with prescription lenses. The Phoenix and Feather 2 have their own separate Rx insert that can be purchased. These inserts are specific to each model and are not interchangeable. The insert can be taken to any eye lab and fitted with prescription lenses. The other models marked with the Rx symbol have been evaluated by a lab and can be fitted with actual prescription lenses into the frame from an eye doctor or lab. There are prescription limitations with all of these models, as with any prescription eyewear, so your eye lab or eye doctor will be able to tell you whether or not your prescription strength is feasible. Please see the below suggested Rx range. However, please keep in mind that each eye lab is different and some may be able to do a higher range while others may be able to do a lower range than our independent lab's "suggested" range.

Bill, +/-4.00
Condor, +/-3.00
Crow, +/-4.00
Eagle, +/-4.00 (Recommend +/-3.00 for cosmetic appeal)
Falcon, +/-4.00
Feather2, +/-5.00
Gull, +/-4.00
Hen +/-4.00
Ostrich, +/-4.00
Owl, +/-3.00
Phoenix, +/-5.00
Quail, +/-3.00
Raven, +/-3.00 (wrap design may not be able to be fitted by all labs)
T-Bird, +/-4.00