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Colorful New Wayfarer Sunglasses - Feb. 6, 2016

Colorful Wayfarer Sunglasses at!  Colors, Colors, Colors! 2 tone frames, floral designs, neon, glow in the dark, matte frost, rainbow, solid color, zebra designs and so many more!  Unisex wayfarer sunglasses with 100% UVA & UVB lenses.  Mirrored lenses, charcoal lenses, and brown lenses available.'s mirrored wayfarer sunglasses include orange, yellow and blue mirror lenses.  As low as $9.99 with free shipping.
colorful wayfarer sunglasses : mirrored wayfarer sunglasses


NEW Element Eight Sunglasses! - Jan. 24, 2016

Protect your eyes from this white stuff and harmful UV rays!  Together they make for some of the brightest days of the year!  At - All of our lenses are 100% UVA & UVB Protected.

NEW Element Eight Sunglasses at!  White frames, black frames, orange frames, blue frames, silver frames, mirrored lenses, charcoal lenses, wrap around frames, polarized lenses, aviator frames, and more!!
element eight sunglasses : wrap around sport frame


Giftcards at - December 16, 2016

Giftcards at!  Give them the gift they can choose!

gift cards : christmas gift cards


Giftcards at - Dec. 7th, 2015

Gift Cards - The Gift of Choice - November 22, 2015

Gift Cards!  The perfect gift!

Not sure what to buy your loved ones?  Worry no don't even have to leave your home!  Order online at - Giftcards.

Giftcards can be used for sunglasses, reading glasses, cold weather and motorcycle headgear, rock shirts, walking dead shirts and sunglass accessories.

gift cards : christmas gift cards


New Padded Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses - October 30, 2015

New Chopper Goggles at   Multiple color frames available.  Foam padded frame.  Sale Price  $19.99

chopper goggles : padded motorcycle riding sunglasses

Padded motorcycle riding sunglasses prevent debris, rocks, and wind from affecting your eyesight making it safe to ride without worrying about damaging your eyes. Lenses are 100% UVA & UVB protected which also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays given off by the sun. offers free shipping on two pair or more to anywhere in the United States.


Cool New Motley Tubes at - October 21

Did someone say NEW motley tube designs? Yes, yes I did!

New Motley Tubes just in time for fall! Fall always seems to be the kind of weather in which you are not sure how to dress and usually dress in layers. The Motley Tube is certainly a layer and can make those slightly chilly days so much more enjoyable.

New Motley Tube designs include the Mustache (which can be worn four different ways!), Maorilla, Houndstooth, Motley Brew, Wavy American Flag and more! Motley Tubes can be worn a variety of ways. The Motley Tube can be worn as a neckwarmer, balaclava, face mask, buff, dust mask, scarf, ear warmer, etc.

motley tubes : motley brew motley tube motley tubes : mustaches motley tube


Liquid Eyewear Sunglasses on Sale Now - Oct. 3, 2015

Liquid Player Eyewear - Hingeless Orange Frame with a Blue Mirror Polarized Lens. Can be adjusted to fit any face. On Sale Now at $144.99

liquid player eyewear : liquid polarized player sunglasses


New Dark Paisley Face Mask! - Sept. 23, 2015

Finally a new Dark Paisley Riding Face Mask available at   The ZANheadgear Neoprene Full Face Mask features full coverage of nose, chin, and cheeks with stretchy neoprene material that's water resistant and provides warmth. Its bound nylon edges offers added comfort and durability, while the hook and loop closure ensures great fit.

Reversible, one size fits most.
Material: 70% Neoprene, 30% Polyester

These motorcycle riding neoprene face masks are commonly used for motorcycle riding, bicycling in rough terrain, airsoft guns, paintball, skiing, hunting, and winter apparel.

motorcycle neoprene riding face masks : dark paisley face mask


Why our Trooper Hats! Faux Fur Trooper Hats! - Sept. 16

ZANheadgear Trooper Hats offer warm versatile coverage against the harshest winter weather conditions and looks great on both men and women. Faux fur trooper hats have soft, quilted interiors and warm faux fur to keep you cozy, while the adjustable chin strap secures it in place.  Material: 100% Polyester  Available in Brown, Black or Red Plaid.

trooper hats : faux fur trooper hats


Another new Design added to our Face Mask Category!

Another cool design by zanheadgear in our Motorcycle Neoprene Riding Face Masks category! Zipper Face design made with a neoprene material to keep you warm and dry. High Quality material with nylon bound edges for even more durability. You will not find this quality just anywhere!

motorcycle neoprene riding face masks : neoprene motorcycle face masks with neck protection


Hi Definition Lenses - What you have always wanted! - Aug. 3

Hi Definition Fitover Sunglasses now available at! These fit right over your prescription eyewear. It's that easy! and with Hi-Definition lenses! No more driving in the rain and not being able to see, feeling nervous and scared, these make even a gloomy day, sunny!  Hi Definition Lenses brighten your surroundings, cut the glare from other vehicles which you experience a lot when driving in the rain, and they clarify all colors making it easier for you to see.  These are also great for boating and golfing and for driving in everyday weather.  Get your Hi Definition Sunglasses today!
fitover sunglasses : hi definition lenses


Walking Dead Shirts Including Daryl Dixon - July 24, 2015

Daryl Dixon Claimed T-Shirt. Womens cut with capped sleeves. Sizes Medium, Large and X-Large now available at

We have many other Walking Dead Shirts including the Zombie Crawl, Protect the Group featuring Rick and Daryl and the Group, We Are All Infected, Fire Roasted, Bike Walker, Micheonne, and many more.  Click here to view and/or to add to cart.

daryl dixon : walking dead shirts


Bobster Snitch Sunglasses on Sale - July 10, 2015

Bobster Sunglasses on sale now at

Snitch Sunglasses can be worn under a full faced helmet or to add to your daily look; you will be up to date with the latest trends when wearing these fashionable aviators. The dark gun metal frame features smoked, gradient lenses that provides 100% UVA/UVB protection. The Snitch features spring hinges to ensure the most comfortable fit for your face. The slightly wrapped frame helps block out wind and dust. For easy transportation a microfiber cloth and carry case is included.

  • Frame Color: Dark Gun Metal
  • Frame Convertible: No
  • Frame Finish: Shiny
  • Frame Foam Type: None
  • Frame Material: Nickel Silver
  • Frame Measurements: Temple to Temple 134mm; Frame height 50mm; Temple length 125mm
  • Frame RX Ready: No
  • Rx Limitation:
  • Frame Temples: Spring Hinges
  • Lens Coatings: 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Lens Color: Smoked Gradient
  • Lenses Interchangeable: No
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Other included Accessories: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Carry Case
  • Lens Upgrades: N/A
  • Special Features: Spring hinge temples; silicon nose pads
  • Standards Met: CE EN-1836:2005/A1:2007
  • Storage: Carry Case
  • Warranty: Lifetime against Manufacturing Defects 
bobster sunglasses : men's aviator sunglasses


Vertx Sunglasses at - July 7th, 2015

New Vertx Sunglasses!  Sporty frame, multiple colors available, 100% UV Lenses.  $19.99 with free shipping on two pair or more at!

Sunglassses on sale at! 

vertx sunglasses : men's sport sunglasses


DG Sunglasses at! - July 3, 2015

New Women's DG Sunglasses.  Tortoise Frames in multiple color options and Smoke Lenses.  Cat Eye Frame.  100% UVA & UVB Lenses.

dg sunglasses : womens cateye sunglasses


New Chopper Sunglasses at - June 23,

New Chopper Sunglasses at with cool two tone frames. Mirrored, Charcoal and Brown Lenses. Blue, Orange, Red, Silver and Black Frames. 100% UVA & UVB!

chopper sunglasses : motorcycle riding sunglasses


Hi Definition Driving Sunglasses - June 22, 2015

Hi Definition Sunglasses are back in stock at  With a lightweight sporty wrap around frame and excellent driving lenses, you can't go wrong with these Superfly Shades!  Wrap around frame helps to protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays coming from all directions, not just the front, but the sides and the top!

Get em today at  Sale Price  $21.99

hi definition sunglasses : driving sunglasses


New Aviator Sunglasses on Sale Now! - June 15, 2015

Flashy Aviator Sunglasses now available at  Available in Charcoal, Smoke and Brown Lenses!  On Sale Now.  $17.99

aviator sunglasses : mirrored aviator sunglasses


New Chopper Goggles at - June 11, 201

New Chopper Goggles lined with foam! Multiple color options available including orange, silver, green, grey, blue, and red frames.  Padded motorcycle riding sunglasses save your eyes from wind, dust and debris. 100% UVA & UVB Protected.

SKU:  8CP922
Sale Price  $19.99
chopper goggles : padded motorcycle riding sunglasses


New Rhinestone Fitover Sunglasses - June 10, 2015

New Rhinestone Fitover Sunglasses available in some very neat colors! Fitover Sunglasses have come along way in their appearance and can now be worn over your glasses without even being noticed as fitovers! These also have polarized lenses!

Check out our selection of fitover sunglasses at!

fitover sunglasses : rhinestone fitover sunglasses


Hi-Definition Lens with a White Frame - June 2, 2015

Another new Hi-Definition Lens at Available in white or black frames.

Hi-Definition sunglasses are polarized lenses that cut the glare from wet surfaces such as oncoming driver's windshields, roads and pools of water, etc.  These lenses are very mysterious in the way that they make your surroundings look brighter yet duller and clarify colors all at the same time.

These glasses sell themselves.  Once the customer puts them on, they are SOLD!  Everyone who tries these hi-definition lenses LOVES them and they can't believe the difference they make on their eyes.  It's a very calming feeling with them on and they can brighten even an overcast day!  Try them!

hi-definition sunglasses : driving sunglasses


Hi-Definition Sunglasses - Best lens for the buck! -May 28th

Hi-Definition Sunglasses.  A brand spankin new Hi-Definition Lens at! This lens is incredible! It brightens and dulls at the same time clarifying all colors making your vision seem PERFECT!

These glasses are commonly used for driving (these work great for driving in rain), golfing, and boating, but many people wear these just because the lens is such a great lens.  It calms the eyes and makes even a dreary day sunny!

If you have yet to try a Hi-Def lens I suggest you get on it or at least add it to your bucket list.

hi-definition sunglasses : driving sunglasses


New Colorful Wayfarer Sunglasses@ - May 27, 2015

As expected, these cool wayfarer sunglasses have been a HUGE hit here at Can't keep them stocked and on the shelves!

speckled painted wayfarers : colorful wayfarer sunglasses


New Wayfarer Sunglasses! - May 7, 2015

New Wayfarer Sunglasses at!  Get em while they're hot cause they will go fast!  New styles include American Flag Designs, Speckled Painted Design, White Frames with Blue and Yellow Orange Mirror Lenses, and Dazed and Confused Frames.

Wayfarer Sunglasses have been a huge seller for going on four years now.  They were very popular in the 80s and have definitely made their comeback.  Wayfarer Sunglasses typically offer colorful frames with loads of different patterns and designs.  Wayfarer Sunglasses are fun sunglasses that can really get a lot of attention.  If you do not like the attention, no worries, we also have solid frames with mirror lenses.  These are worn by all ages, young and older people love the wayfarer style sunglasses!

speckled painted wayfarers : colorful wayfarer sunglasses dazed and confused wayfarer sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses
american flag wayfarers : red, white and blue wayfarer sunglasses white frame wayfarer sunglasses : mirrored lens wayfarer sunglasses


Walking Dead Shirts now available! - April 21, 2015

Sold out of our Walking Dead shirts this weekend while at the Lucasville Trade Days show! Will be getting some new designs with this next shipment. Can't wait to get them!

Wayfarer Sunglasses are still the BIG HIT! - March 16, 2015

Wayfarer Sunglasses continue to be the most up to date style in sunglasses for Spring 2015! Prepare yourself for SUNNY days ahead with a pair of Element Eight Sunglasses.  Multiple color options available.  Sale Price  $19.99

wayfarer sunglasses  : element eight sunglasses


Giselle Sunglasses at - Feb 6, 2015

Giselle Sunglasses!  Brand new category now available at   Giselle Sunglasses fall right into 2015s trendy fashion forward style with their catlike frames and round stunna shades.  So many colors in so many different catlike frames, it's hard to choose just one, but that's fine, we offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States on two pair or more.  Check out our selection at!


Motorcycle Headgear - Top Quality- Lots of Designs Jan 31 offers top of the line quality motorcycle headgear in many styles and designs for men and women.  All of our motorcycle headgear is of the highest quality manufactured by Zanheadgear.   Even though it seems prices keep going up no matter what the subject or item may be, we keep our prices as low as possible and very competitive.

Our motorcycle headgear categories include Motley Tubes, Face Masks, Balaclavas, Flydannas, Helmet Liners, Biker Caps, Trooper Hats, and NeoDannas.  We have a ton of choices/designs available in our motley tube, face mask and balaclava categories.  Designs range from skulls to smiley faces, from paisley to plaid, from butterflies to bulldogs, from Jason to crash test dummies, the list goes on and on.

Our motorcycle headgear is durable enough that you can machine wash it with no worries.  It won't fall apart or get torn during the wash.  I have personally worn the same motley tube (pictured below) for going on 4 years now and I wear it almost daily.   Keeps me so much warmer!

Check out our top of the line high quality selections within our motorcycle headgear category by following the link below:

High Quality Motorcycle Headgear

All You Need to Kow About Winter Headgear - Jan. 27, 2015

Coldweather Headgear has become quite an exciting category at  Here we have many categories available including Face Masks, Balaclavas, Motley Tubes, Flydannas, Neodannas, Helmet Liners, and Trooper Hats.  Top three categories include Face Masks, Balaclavas, and Motley Tubes.

Our Face Masks are mainly used for motorcycle riding face masks, but are also commonly used for paintballing, airsoft guns, skiing, sleigh riding, hunting, shoveling snow, etc.  Our face masks are made of a neoprene material that keeps you warm and dry in the colder months and wicks away the moisture in the warmer months.  The stretchy neoprene material is water resistant and very comfortable.  Most of our face masks reverse to black and we do have just a few that reverse to colors like purple, teal, high visibility orange, etc.  Designs include but are not limited to Skulls, Camouflage, Paisley, Solid Colors, Butterflies, Cancer Ribbons, Clowns, Crash Test Dummies, Sugar Skulls, Jason Glow in the Dark, Reaper, Glow in the Dark Spider Web, Glow in the Dark Skull, Zombie, etc.

coldweather headgear  : motorcycle riding face mask

Our Balaclavas are made from 100% polyester, polar fleece, or nylon.  The balaclava is commonly referred to as a ski mask.  Balaclavas protect you from the elements and gives you full head and face coverage.  Designs include Black and White Skull Balaclava, Solid Black, Camouflage, Olive, Rose and Skull, Mustache, High Visibility Orange, Cyborg, Luchador, etc.

black and white skull balaclava  : ski mask

My favorite, our Motley Tubes, are made of 100% polyester or polar fleece.  Motley Tubes are commonly referred to as Multiclavas, Neck Gaiters and Mufflers.  Motley tubes can be worn as balaclavas, scarves, skull cap, motorcycle face mask, neckwear, headwrap, or a desert scarf.    Motley tubes are usually used as a neck gaiter by pulling the motley tube down over your head until the entire piece is down under your chin, covering you neck.  Stuff the bottom of the motley tube into the top of your shirt or sweatshirt.  This keeps the cold wind/air off your neck and prevents it from going down your back causing cold chills.  Motley tubes make a huge difference in how warm you will be when outdoors or even in a chilly neighborhood restaurant or local watering hole.  I can't say enough about Motley Tubes, they are a must have!

motley tubes : neck gaiter

When looking for top of the line coldweather headgear, stop by and check out our headgear categories.  We have many items available, in most cases your order will ship the next day, we guarantee all of our products, and have very friendly customer service reps to assist you.


Motley Tubes - Everyone Needs One and Here is Why - Dec. 30

Motley Tubes, also known as Multiclavas, are worn by many, but there are still some that have yet to even hear the words "Motley Tube".  If you know me, you know I push these Motley Tubes.  I hate to even use the word push though because it's really quite simple.  I explain the purpose of a motley tube and how it can be used and the buyer immediately wants one or even two or three.  You've got to have at least one, but most want more than one to match their outfits or various coats

Motley tubes can be worn as scarfs, face masks, balaclavas, flydanna, neck warmer, dust screen, beanie, helmet liner, wrist band, ear warmers, buff, head band, etc.  Motley tubes are great  for wearing around your neck.  You simply pull the motley tube over your head and shove the bottom of the material into the top of your shirt until it's comfortable.  This keeps the cool air and precipitation off your neck which makes a huge difference when trying to stay warm and dry.  When worn this way, your body heat will also stay within the confines of your clothes which keeps your whole body warmer.  These things are amazing and can be purchased for as little as $9.99.  Material includes either polyester or fleece or both!

Motley tubes are commonly referred to as multiclavas, mufflers, neck warmer, neck gaiters, neck warmers, etc.  Whatever you may call them or have heard them called, if you've ever heard anyone speak of motley tubes, they have always received and continue to receive positive feedback!

Get your Motley Tubes today at  Stop being uncomfortable while outside.  Stop the shivering and the teeth chattering.  Get a motley tube!

motley tube : multiclava


Liquid Polarized Eyewear -An amazing Christmas Gift - Dec. 5

Liquid Polarized Eyewear is among the top of the line eyewear in durability and comfortability.   Liquid Eyewear includes hingeless frames which can be adjusted to fit any face, big or small, by simply grasping the tips of the stems and either pushing in or pulling out.   Liquid Eyewear comes with a lifetime warranty on the frames and the lenses.  Top sellers in this line include the Player Liquid Sunglasses and the Gasket Liquid Sunglasses.  The Player is a smaller frame than the Gasket as far as the width of the lens from top to bottom.  If you have a longer face with more of a triangular shape you'll want to purchase the Gasket Liquid Sunglasses.

Liquid Eyewear makes a great Christmas gift.  Just the fact that you can adjust the frames to fit any face saves you the worry of "Will these fit my husband?" or Will these fit my granddaughter?".  With the Liquid Eyewear you can purchase Liquid Eyewear Accessories.  Accessories include hard case, micro fiber carry bag, sunglass cord, extra nosepieces, etc.  Accessories always make gifting sunglasses that much more personable.

Liquid Polarized Eyewear is also now offered with bifocals.  Liquid BiFocal Sunglasses can be purchased in the following Powers:  +1.00, +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

We are currently running a sale on all Liquid Eyewear through the holidays so stop buy and finish up your Christmas Shopping today!  Liquid Eyewear ships out no later than four days after you make your purchase. 

liquid polarized eyewear : player liquid eyewear


New Motley Tubes for this Winter! - November 18, 2014

It's cold out today! Do you have your Motley Tube on? New exciting designs this winter! This one is a Fleece lined motley tube with a houndstooth black and white design. Sale Price $14.99.

black and white motley tube : multiclava
Motley Tubes are a must have for these cold winter months.  My favorite way to wear a motley tube is to pull the tube down over your head and around your neck.  Tuck the bottom of the tube inside the neckline of your shirt. This prevents the chill the cold wind and snow will cause when it hits your neck working as a neckwarmer. Helps to keep your body heat in as well.  You can even pull the top of the tube up over your mouth and nose which helps when breathing in the cold air and as if that's not enough, you can pull the top of the motley tube clear up over the back of your head to cover your ears and it's long enough that it will still be tucked into the top of your shirt preventing any sort of wind chill!  These things are AMAZING!  For $14.99 or less, this item can not be beat!  They can be purchased as cotton motley tubes or fleece motley tubes.  Both do the trick!  These are commonly referred to as multiclavas and mufflers.

Skull Balaclava at - Nov. 13, 2014

Black and White Skull Balaclava is a must have for these cold blustery wintery days ahead!   The Coolmax Balaclava with skull features a full neoprene face mask to provide maximum coverage for the coldest weather conditions. It is lightweight, breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin. Folds for easy storage. One size fits most. 

Balaclavas are used for motorcycle and/or ATV riding, running, shoveling snow, outdoor work, snowmobiling, sleigh riding, and kids and young adults like to wear them when using air soft guns and paint ball guns.

black and white skull balaclava : motorcycle riding balaclava


Motley Tubes are a Must Have! - October 30, 2014

Motley Tubes are a must have for these cold months ahead.  Motley Tubes, also referred to as Multiclavas, Neck Gaiters, Buffs, or Mufflers can be worn over a dozen ways. Some of the most popular ways to wear your Motley Tube would include as a scarf, skull cap, a motorcycle face mask, a camouflage face mask, neckwear, as a headwrap, as a desert scarf, or even as a Balaclava. This is just a fews ways to use your Motley Tube. One size fits all.

motley tube : multiclava


Have it Made in Your Shades This NFL Season - Oct. 24, 2014

What was green only a week ago is suddenly brown, orange, and yellow. There’s a chill in the air and the store shelves are lined up with giant bags of candy and costumes. This can only mean one thing: fall is here. With fall comes a number of fantastic things, but nothing more exciting than the arrival of football – at least in America. Soon, fans will be filling stadiums around the country, shouting victory cries for their home teams or tasting bitter defeat. It’s also the time of year when tailgates reign supreme, hot dogs and burgers become dietary mainstays, and pickup games of touch football are commonplace.   

Just because it isn’t summer anymore, though, doesn’t mean you can stop protecting your eyes. While the days may be getting shorter, you’re still at risk for sun damage to both your eyes and skin – so sunglasses are key. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style in the name of safety; there are dozens of stunna shades that not only offer UV protection for your peepers, but add style on top of all those unsightly layers. Of course, the ladies also have their pick of stunna shades to keep them looking great at the big game.   

For those pick up games that can occasionally get a bit intense, you’ll not only want to have some sunglasses for an extra layer of protection from the sun, but also the fingers and elbows of your competitors! Liquid polarized sunglasses will offer you unrivaled protection from the suns harsh rays, and their sleek and sporty design makes sure they stay on your face during the game, giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re in the huddle.   

We all know that October is a free for all in terms of weather. By the end of the month we could still be riding high in the 60’s and 70’s, or we could be in the midst of a snowstorm. For the latter situation, we all know that true fans and tailgaters don’t let a little of the white stuff keep them away from their team (unless they’ve got DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket waiting at home). Despite your dedication, you’ve still got to protect yourself against a whole new set of issues, namely that blistery cold air and the potential for frostbite. Balaclavas will provide your whole face with protection and warmth. You’ll have happy, rosy cheeks after the game while your friends are breaking the icicles off their ears.   

Of course, the number of activities you can do during the fall isn’t strictly limited to football and all things football related. One thing growing in popularity lately is motorcycles, and what better way to check out the changing color of the scenery than on top of a hog? With that cold bite in the air, you’ll need to keep yourself protected with a motorcycle riding face mask for under your helmet (the more outrageous the better). Protecting your eyes from the sun and any little critters that can fly into your helmet is also highly advisable. Chopper sunglasses are made specifically to fit comfortably under your helmet, so they’re your best bet to look cool and stay protected on your bike. Ladies, fear not, there are a number of motorcycle sunglasses for you too, like the Highway Honey riding glasses, or womens motorcycle headgear for women including fantastic pink ribbon “flydannas” which are perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!   

As you can see, no matter what you’re up to this fall, there is no excuse to skimp on protecting your eyes. Don’t think you’re in the clear once summer is over, the sun isn’t taking a vacation, so that means neither can your shades.


Walking Dead Shirts & More now Available! - October 17th

Superflysunglasses now has the newest Walking Dead Shirts available!  Not only do we have the latest Walking Dead shirts, but we now also have Concert Shirts available.

Our Rock Shirts include AC/DC, Aerosmith, Doors, Grateful Dead, Godsmack, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.  Sizes range from Medium to XX-Large.  Prices range from $19.99 to $24.99.

The Walking Dead Shirts include designs such as Micheonne walking her Zombies, Rick and Daryl Protecting the Group from a hoard of Zombies, Cell Block Zombie Crawl, the Walking Dead Fire Logo, etc.

Check out and get your Walking Dead Shirts and Rock Shirts today!

alking dead shirts : rick and daryl protecting the group


Motorcycle Riding Face Mask! -It's Time! - October 3, 2014

Once again, it's October and it's time to get geared up for the winter!  Face Masks are a must, especially if you ride, but they are also used for paintball, air soft, shoveling snow, sleigh riding, hunting, etc. has added many new designs for this season which include, but are not limited to the following:

Black and White Vintage Flag, Black and White Muerte with SPIKES, Blood Splatter, Glow in the Dark Darklord, Neon Blue that Reverses to Lime, Pink that Reverses to Lime, Shinigami, and Skelly Reverses to Pumpkin.

Our new motorcycle riding face masks include full and half face masks.  Prices range from $10.99 to $15.99.

black and white vintage face masks : motorcycle riding face masks black and white muerte face masks with spikes : motorcycle riding face masks blood splatter face masks : motorcycle riding face masks
glow in the dark darklord face masks : motorcycle riding face masks blue reverses to lime face masks : motorcycle riding face masks toxic face masks : motorcycle riding face masks


Camouflage Sunglasses Available Now! - Sept. 30, 2014

Biggest seller this weekend at Volcano Days! Vertex Item# 56004CM. Camouflage sunglasses available with blue mirror, orange red mirror, charcoal and brown lenses. Sale Price $19.99


New Fitover Sunglasses at - Sept. 11

New Fitover Sunglasses at  Fitover Sunglasses with mirrored lenses, including blue mirror, yellow mirror, orange mirror, and green mirrored sunglasses.  Rhinestone Fitover Sunglasses for the ladies!  Fitover Sunglasses with yellow lenses for night driving or driving in the rain.  Fitover sunglasses in goggles for motorcycle riders.  and the everyday normal fitover sunglasses available in charcoal and brown lenses.

At we strive to include product for all age groups, activities, and the newest items on the market.  We feel we have a wide selection of fitovers, something for everyone.  We have many different styles and sizes and many different color schemes available.  Come on over to and check it out!


Aviator Sunglasses with Charcoal Mirror Lenses - August 27

New Aviator Sunglasses with a wrap around nickel frame and charcoal mirror lens.  Very lightweight and comfortable with dark lenses.  Sale Price  $19.99

Subscribe will be on Location - Aug. 12, 2014 would like to remind everyone that festival season is beginning.  We will be out on location starting the weekend of August 15th through October 12th.  We will have sunglasses, sun readers, readers, safety glasses, riding goggles, motorcycle riding face masks, flydannas, balaclavas, neodannas, rock shirts, walking dead shirts, and socks.  Sunglasses on sale at all upcoming shows!  These shows will occur between WV and OH.  Our list is as follows:

Aug 15-17, 2014 -- Parkersburg Homecoming -- Downtown Parkersburg, National entertainment, land and water events, fireworks, carnival rides, arts and crafts, flea market, petting zoo and half marathon. Find us under the big purple tent!

Aug. 30- Sept. 1, 2014 -- Johnstown 2013 Swappers Day Flea Market -- 7357 Sportsman Club Road Johnstown, OH. Huge Fleamarket. 69th Anniversary/ 1944 thru 2013. Tons of Vendors and Food Concessions. We'll be under the big purple canopy! Come see us! Stunna Shades, Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses, Aviator Sunglasses, Womens Big Celebrity Sunglasses, Sport Shades, Motorcycle Headgear and so much more! 

 Sept. 12 - 13 , 2014 -- Gallipolis French 500 -- Huge Flea Market that takes place every second weekend of each month. Vegetables, local specialties, crafts, jewelry, pet supplies, apparel, fruits and so much more! Located at 189 Jackson Pike, Gallipolis OH.

September 20-21, 2014 -- Mothman Festival -- Celebrating their 11th Year!  The festival began in November 2002 with the idea of bringing visitors to the downtown, main street area of Point Pleasant, WV. The first festival drew a small crowd of 500 people but word quickly spread around the globe about this weird little gathering. Festival attendance now tops 4,000 people each year and is growing larger. The Mothman Festival is one of the most unique festivals in West Virginia, if not the world.  Visitors come each September to see the famous “Mothman Statue”, Mothman Museum, to meet original eyewitnesses, authors and Mothman experts. The festival boasts live and local music talent and some famous “down home” West Virginia hospitality that visitors just can’t find in a larger city.  Be sure to come check out our setup and get your Superfly Shades!!

September 26-28, 2014 -- Volcano Days -- Something for Everyone! Antique Engines, Pageants, Crafters, Vendors, Music, Food and SUPERFLYSUNGLASSES.COM! Volcano was a thriving oil boom town, along the border between Ritchie and Wood Counties that by 1874 had introduced the bath tub to Wood County! The memory of Volcano has been commemorated every year at Mountwood Park through the “Volcano Days” celebration, a fun-filled weekend melding the past and present.

Oct 3-5, 2014 -- Lowell October Fest -- Lowell OH. - Tons of vendors with various merchandise items and food. Many fall items for sale! If you have yet to attend the Lowell October Fest, give it a try this year. You will continue to come for many more years. Don't Miss IT!

October 10-12, 2014 -- Chillicothe, OH -- Ross County Fairgrounds.  Trader Days!  You can find just about anything here! Put on your walkin' shoes!   High quality merchandise, animals galore, and plenty of food!

Liquid Eyewear - The Gasket - New Colors Available!- July 22

Liquid Eyewear - The Gasket now available with a Red Frame and a Yellow Lens! Hingeless frame made to fit any face by simply adjusting the frame! Yellow Lenses are great night driving glasses and for driving in cloudy and/or rainy conditions.  Sale Price $134.99 


Liquid Eyewear Player Sunglasses - July 11, 2014

Liquid Eyewear Player Sunglasses now on Sale at!  The Player Sunglasses consist of an aluminum hingeless frame.  This hingeless frame is made so that it can be adjusted to fit any face, big or small.  The frame was specifically manufactured without standard hinges, allowing for the ultimate fit and quality. Thus creating a frame that will last you a lifetime, without losing fit.

Liquid Eyewear Player Sunglasses are top of the line eyewear.  Lenses can be purchases as the normal UV lens, polarized lenses, LTD Lenses, Hi-Def Lenses, etc.  Liquid Eyewear Polarized Sunglasses are best used on and around water and are great for driving or riding in the rain.  Best use, bright sunny days, driving, skydiving, motorcycle riding, tactical, combat, and casual wear.


Light Sensitive? Need Super Dark Sunglasses? - July 2, 2014

Light sensitive, need super dark sunglasses?  We have what you need at  You'll be happy to know that this is one of our biggest sellers because we offer exactly what light sensitive people need.  To clarify, if you are light sensitive, you need glasses that will block sunlight from all directions, not just the front.  If light is getting in on the sides and the top, STOP wearing those glasses and visit  Our super dark sunglasses have large lenses and frames so that they cover more of your face around your eyes, not just your eyes.  This is to protect your eyes and the area around your eyes.  When you are light sensitive, the sun does not have to be directly shining in your eyes causing you to squint which results in a pounding headache.  If the light is even close to your eyes you can see it and it will cause you headaches.  This simple fact is the reason your need a large lens and frame.  You also need a wrap around frame.  A wrap around frame works best because the frame will wrap around your temples leaving no space for light to affect your eyes.  If you buy aviators or a wide wayfarer frame, there will be space between your temples and the frames, allowing light in, which results in headaches.  Last, but most importantly, you need wide stems.  If you buy super dark sunglasses because you are light sensitive, what good are super dark lenses if you have just a wire rimmed frame?  That skinny stem is not going to block light.  And you know the result of that, HEADACHES!  So when purchasing your super dark sunglasses, be sure to look for the following:

*   Large Lens
*   Large Frame
*   Wrap Around Frame
*   Wide Stems

If you need assistance in deciding what pair is best for you feel free to contact us at


Polar Specs at - June 27, 2014

Polar Specs Polarized Sunglasses now in stock at!  Polar Specs Sunglasses are offered in sporty wrap around frames, high quality nickel frames, casual frames, aviator frames, and wayfarer frames.

Polarized sunglasses are used for fishing, golfing, boating, jet skiing, rafting, snowboarding, driving in rainy conditions, etc.   Polarized lenses have a special coating that helps reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as the hood or windshield of an oncoming car during a thunder storm.  Polarized lenses make objects much clearer and reduce the effects of the glare on your eyes.

Check out our new category and get your Polar Specs Sunglasses today at!


Tundra Sunglasses now Available - June 10, 2014

Tundra Sunglasses are now available at Tundra sunglasses are the sunglasses designed to take a beating!  Tundra sunglasses are constructed to be durable and heavy duty while still being incredibly comfortable for long-term wear.  IceTech Technology is used for the lenses to create a higher quality, protective lens to filter out UV rays. The smoke lenses on the Tundra sunglasses will have a mirror coating in the front and a Anti-Reflective coating on the back for extra protection!

These anti-reflective sunglasses are perfect for the active outdoorsmen aged 18-50 or anyone who is going out to the beach, hiking, skiing, boating, riding, hunting, etc.  Tundra sunglasses will not break the bank and they can take a beating. We capitalize on the sporty image of Tundra sunglasses with a universal style of black, white, silver, and blue colors for that sleek, edgy look. These are the go-to shades whenever you want to engage in active outdoor activities.


Why Polarized Sunglasses are a Must Have - June 3, 2014

Sunglasses are one of the most valuable assets to purchase when preparing for a road trip. Their importance is obvious, since they serve as protection for eyes while also providing clearer vision while driving. If you want to save yourself aggravation while driving for hours on a sunny day, as well as avoid squinting and therefore blurring your vision, then the proper eyewear is a must.
Although the primary use of sunglasses is self-explanatory (to provide shade), they also have a more technical use: sun glare. Sun glare is when direct sunlight, often suddenly unavoidable when turning around a corner or driving over hills, blinds motorists. This major hazard is a threat to the safety of both the driver, as well as other cars on the road. On summer road trips, when the days are hot and the passengers are likely otherwise distracted by friends and family, sun glare can be a dangerous cause of car accidents. Road trippers are also more likely to be driving at high-glare times, which peak during the first 15 to 45 minutes of sunrise and the last 45 minutes of sunset.
Worse yet, sun glare affects older people especially. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, older drivers are more likely to get involved in crashes if glare obstructs their vision. The study shows that 38.5 percent of drivers involved in crashes related to glare exposure were of “age 45 years and older.”
A spokesman for pointed out some shocking statistics on the number of accidents caused by sun glare, and said, “It is a great idea to keep an old, or cheap, pair of sunglasses in your car at all times to combat road glare. The dangers of sun glare are doubly true in the summer, especially when driving unfamiliar routes.”
Polarized Sunglasses are the best option to reduce sun glare, since they allow you to see more details from a reflective surface, be it water, field or road while also providing an anti-glare quality. Not only that, when the glasses are on, colors become sharper and images become clearer. These glasses can be very soothing when it comes to eyes that are sensitive to the sun.
Besides sun glare, sunglasses can also protect your eyes from other harmful conditions while on the road. UV protection is key, and a strong pair of sunglasses are integral when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun’s radiation, which can cause cataracts and skin cancer around the eyes.
There are various types of sunglasses that have the right components to protect you from harm this summer. One option would be the Photochromic Sunglasses, also known as transitional glasses, which are an especially good option for a road trippers. Since their main feature is the lenses darkening in the sun and becoming lighter indoors or with less sunlight, changing light due to time of day and driving for hours on end won’t affect drivers on long trips. These glasses are commonly worn by motorcycle enthusiasts, but can be worn by anyone seeking to take on the road while the sun is blazing. These glasses are also ideal since the transitional aspect enables you to wear just one pair of glasses throughout the day, instead of constantly changing glasses or lenses.
Sunglasses are essential to a successful summer road trip. No matter what brand of sunglasses you prefer, sunglasses are a non-negotiable necessity on long drives. Since sunglasses are very cost effective (as opposed to accident repairs) and easy to carry, there’s no reason that they wouldn’t be one of the top items on your road trip checklist.  So checkout today for all your eyewear needs.  We have something for the whole family!


New Barricade Fitover Sunglasses! - May 27, 2014

Barricade Fitover Sunglasses now available at!  Barricade fitover sunglasses, also referred to as over the glasses, have a polarized lens and a large fit over frame for those who already wear prescription glasses. Specially designed to cover eye glasses.  Frame width ranges from 150mm to 155mm with PZ-BAR604 being the smallest frame within the Barricade Fitover Category.  Prices range from $24.99 to $19.99.  Be sure to visit and check out our new items - Barricade Fitover Sunglasses.


New Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses - May 15, 2014 has many new selections in the motorcycle riding sunglasses category!  Brands include Bobster Riding Sunglasses and Goggles, Birdz Eyewear Sunglasses and Goggles, Bodyspec Sunglasses and Goggles, Chopper Goggles, Element Eight Goggles and Liquid Eyewear Goggles.

Many of our selections include Interchangeable Riding Sunglasses and Goggles, Photochromic Riding Sunglasses and Goggles, Foamer Goggles, Rx Prescription Sunglasses and Goggles, and Fit Over Goggles.

Photochromic Sunglasses and Goggles, also know as Transitional Goggles, will change from light to dark as the sun rises and sets or as the weather changes from sunny to cloudy.  This enables you to wear just one pair of glasses throughout the day instead of changing glasses or lenses.

Our Foamer Sunglasses and Goggles, also referred to as padded sunglasses,  include a foam lining on the inside of the frame.  The foam padding prevents wind from drying out and affecting your eyesight and keeps road debris and rocks from hitting you in the eyes.  Padded motorcycle riding sunglasses make for a much safer ride!

Be sure to check out for all your motorcycle riding eyewear needs.  We have something for him and her, sunny weather to rainy weather, we have it all right here at!


Summertime Celebrity Eyewear - May 5th, 2014

Now that spring is officially here, and summer is just around the corner, many of us are going to be looking for some new sunglasses to add to our collection. In recent years sunglasses have become a vital part of every wardrobe. They have the ability to elevate a simple outfit into something glamorous and sophisticated. A white t-shirt and jeans, when paired with a pair of aviators, suddenly takes on a rebel without a cause look. The same outfit can be paired with cateye frames for a more sophisticated and chic look.

Celebrities, naturally, are always on the forefront of trends when it comes to sunglasses, since shades are often used as protection from those pesky paparazzi. Let’s see what the stylish celebrities are breaking out this year, and how you can incorporate similar styles into your wardrobe.

It seems the permanently stylish Victoria Beckham hasn’t been photographed without her pair of trusty aviator frames for months now. Their curved, yet oversized, shape is flattering to an angular face like hers, and provides the ultimate shield from the glaring flashbulbs that seem to follow her everywhere.

The aviator frame was first developed for, well, aviators and pilots. However, it’s now become so popular you can pick up a pair almost anywhere, including this stylish pair from DG available at SuperFly Sunglasses.
Colored Frames:
Never one to shy away from attention or controversy, Rihanna has been seen rocking neon and candy colored frames everywhere from London to L.A. As the girl of the moment, what she wears is instantly copied and reproduced by her army of loyal fans and retailers who know her impact.  A search of Rihanna’s Instagram account using ViralHeat, a social media tracking tool, shows dozens of pictures of her rocking a rainbow of different sunglasses, like this pair, which she posted a few weeks ago.

The bright frame trend isn’t for a wallflower, that’s for sure. Shades like these are going to attract attention and can make, or break, an outfit. This acid green pair is perfect for those bold ladies who aren’t afraid to turn a few heads. Plus, the color will look great with your new summer tan!

Nicole Richie and sunglasses seem to go hand in hand. She helped bring back the oversized Jackie O style a few years ago, but she’s championing a new style now. While, the cateye frame is still a retro look, her updated version is a bit more exaggerated and bold. The resulting look is part Audrey Hepburn, part Grace Jones, and 100% stylish.

This style is a bit harder to track down since it’s so new. Luckily for you, SuperFly Sunglasses has this fantastic beige option which will go perfectly with all of your white summer outfits.

As the stylist to actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Garner, and Cameron Diaz, it’s Rachel Zoe’s job to be on the forefront of what’s hot right now. But that doesn’t mean she is a slave to trends; she knows that classics will always be in style, like these oversized frames she’s frequently seen wearing.

The vintage, oversized look is perfect for those of us with more angular, sharp features because the rounded lens helps to soften the facial angles. They also provide fantastic camouflage for when you have to run to the store but don’t have time to put on any makeup (or remove the eyeliner that’s left over from last night). They also add a bit of luxury to your look, couldn’t you just see Elizabeth Taylor wearing high-definition lenses from X-Loop while lounging by the pool?


What are the benefits of Night Driving Sunglasses? -April 22

Night Driving Sunglasses and Goggles are a must have for safe travels.  Night Driving Sunglasses and Goggles with yellow or brown lenses, usually used for night riding sunglasses and goggles, can also be used for riding in the rain or fog.  The yellow lens brightens up your surroundings.  This is because the yellow lens absorbs UV and blue light, making everything seem brighter.  Yellow lenses are also worn at dawn, dusk and in hazy weather.  Yellow lenses are popular among truck drivers, pilots, cyclists, hunters, etc.  Brown lenses enhance contrast and add brightness making it easier to see at night or in foggy weather.  Brown lenses are also good during high glare activities such as boating, fishing and skiing.

Hi-Definition Sunglasses typically come with the brown lens and Chopper Sunglasses typically come with the yellow lens.  Hi-Definition Sunglasses can also be bought as bi-focal sun readers for those that need readers to see the street signs.

Here at, we offer both brown and yellow lenses.  Whether you're a truck driver, a cyclist, a skier, a pilot, a boater or fisherman, or even a hunter, we have just the lens for you!  Picking the right lens for the right activity will make a difference!


Rhinestone Sunglasses - Get Your Bling Now! - April 17, 2014

Rhinestone DG Sunglasses in new wayfarer frames!  These glasses have a very durable frame and 100% UVA & UVB Lenses.  Non spring temples with DG logos on both stems.  Rhinestones on front temples.  Frames are available in black, dark brown, white and maroon.  Lens colors include charcoal, smoke and brown.  On Sale for a Limited Time at $21.99.

DG Sunglasses on Sale!


Eyewear and Head Gear for Every Motorcyclist - April 2, 2014

As great as it feels to be free of the “cage,” motorcyclists still need something to protect their eyes from being damaged by the sun or hit by debris as they ride down the road. Whether you opt for motorcycle riding sunglasses, liquid polarized eyewear, or interchangeable riding goggles, having the proper protective gear when riding a motorcycle is a personal safety issue as much as it is a fashion or eyewear issue. When choosing the proper eyewear and safety equipment, every single rider on the road can be safe and ride comfortably regardless of their final destination.

Bobster motorcycle riding sunglasses are one of the best choices in motorcycle eyewear simply because they sit securely in a way that sunglasses can’t. Riding goggles are a lovely choice for someone who rides often because these goggles strap onto the head of the rider and cover the eyes completely. Even if debris comes at the rider from the side or from behind, the goggles will keep their eyes protected because they fit flush up against their face.  The goggles are made with breakage-resistant materials that will not crack under the pressure of a small pebble or other flying debris that could come up off the road. Also, these goggles cannot be taken off in the middle of a ride, but they are so comfortable that you will probably not feel any need to remove them throughout the course of your ride.

Polarized eyewear is the best thing for riders to wear when they get out on the open road simply because they cannot predict where the sun is going to be shining or how bright it is going to be when they are on the road. There are times when the rider will find themselves in low lighting that is still relatively uncomfortable, and their polarized sunglasses will help to keep their eyes protected. When the sun gets brighter, these sunglasses will help to keep the sun away without offering any distortion in what the rider is seeing on the road. With glasses like these, you can look as cool as the pro riders competing in today’s top motorcycle races like the AMA series and the MotoGP racers in Europe (catch them all on the racing channel that DIRECT TV offers)-- and beyond merely looking cool, the glasses also help with depth perception on the road, allowing you to ride safe while turning heads.

Remember -- eyewear alone will not keep you safe on a bike. Helmets are crucial for protecting a cyclist’s head in the event of a crash or accident, and though they aren’t a legal requirement in all states, common sense makes them a must. Along with protection in the case of emergency, helmets are made to resist the force of flying debris or other items that could come up off the road.

Many riders also wear flydannas and helmet liners, which make it much easier to stay comfortable when on a long ride, as helmets can get sweaty and sticky pretty quickly. Some riders even wear face masks that will help them to keep their mouths and noses protected when they are on the road, particularly if they’re using an open-faced helmet. With the use of these items, any motorcyclist can ride much more comfortably and safely.

Remember, riders who ride often must make sure that they have the best eyewear to keep their eyes safe from the sun and flying debris. Also, riders must make sure that they have invested in extra safety gear such as helmets and face masks that will make it easy for them to remain safe while they are on the road.


Sunglasses on Sale Now! - March 25, 2014 now has the latest styles in sunglasses, goggles, and reading glasses on sale just in time for spring!  Sunglasses on sale now include items from the following categories:

Biohazard Sunglasses
Chopper Sunglasses
DG Sunglasses
Arctic Blue Sunglasses
LOC Sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses
Super Dark Sunglasses
Polarized Sunglasses
Sun Readers
Safety Glasses
X-Loop Sunglasses
VG Sunglasses
Reading Glasses
Liquid Eyewear Sunglasses
Gatorz Eyewear Sunglasses
Bobster Sunglasses and Goggles

Spring is finally here! What are you waiting for, jump on over to and get your sunglasses, motorcycle riding goggles, sun readers, etc. Most up to date styles added on a weekly basis! Refer a friend by simply having them place your name in the "How did you hear about us" and we will send a 10% off coupon directly to your email! 


NEW Biohazard Sunglasses in Wayfarer Frames - March 14, 2014

New Biohazard Sunglasses now available at

Item# 8BZ66159
Biohazard Sunglasses
Colorful Wayfarer Sunglasses
High Quality Durable Frame
FULL Frame Type
Non Spring Temple
100% UVA & UVB Protection
Biohazard Logo on Stems

Sale Price  $24.99

biohazard sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses biohazard sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses biohazard sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses
biohazard sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses biohazard sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses biohazard sunglasses : colorful wayfarer sunglasses


New Aviator Sunglasses Just in Time for Spring! - Feb. 28th

Just in time for spring!  New Aviator Sunglasses available now!  These Original Aviator Sunglasses, sometimes referred to as Police Aviator Sunglasses, are currently marked down to $19.99, regular price of $24.99. 

These Air Force Aviator Sunglasses include brown, charcoal and charcoal mirror lenses in either a bronze frame, gold frame, brushed nickel frame, nickel frame or black frame.  The frame is made of a nice durable frame and very lightweight.  Air Force Logo on lens.  100% UVA & UVB Protected Lenses.  Click on image to view and/or to add to cart.


New Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in Stock Now - Feb. 18, 2014

New Aviator Sunglasses now available.  Aviator sunglasses are still one of the most sought after sunglass styles going into Spring 2014!  There are many styles available, police aviator sunglasses, pilot aviator sunglasses, mirrored aviator sunglasses, retro aviator sunglasses, shield lens aviator sunglasses, etc.'s newest style falls into the mirrored aviator sunglasses category.

Item# 61001


Chrome Mirrored Lenses
Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lenses
Unisex Sunglasses
100% UVA & UVB Protection

Sale Price $19.99

mirrored aviator sunglasses : new aviator sunglasses

With any metal frame sunglasses you will experience screws loosening over a period of time.  It is advised to buy our TOOL for an additional $3.99 which can be used to tighten the screws.  This TOOL will work with both phillips and flat head screws.   This TOOL can also be clipped to your belt loop, key chain, etc.


New Colorful Wayfarer Sunglasses - Feb. 6, 2014

New Colorful Wayfarer Sunglasses at now available at discount prices!

Wayfarer Sunglasses
Item# WF15-MM
Durable High Quality Frames
Non Spring Temples
100% UVA & UVB Lenses
Regular Price  $24.99
Sale Price  $19.99
Colors Available Include:
Purple Frame/Smoke Lens
Blue Frame/Smoke Lens
Yellow Frame/Smoke Lens
Orange Frame/Smoke Lens
Hot Pink Frame/Smoke Lens
Green Frame/Smoke Lens
Black & White Frame/Smoke Lens

Shop for Wayfarers Sunglasses on Sale now!


New Cerakote Gatorz Frames Now Available! - January 10, 2014

Our Gatorz Sunglasses are now available in Cerakote.  This new cerakote tunstin gunmetal is closer to true gun metal then the blue-ish color.  Available styles in the Cerakote finish currently include the Magnum and the Wraptor.  Eventually the Boxster, Radiator and the Octane will be available in the new Cerakote finish.  Cerakote colors include Burnt Bronze, Tungsten, Military Tan (pictured below), and OD Green.  Lenses include UV lenses and polarized lenses.

gatorz sunglasses  : cerakote


What you Need to Know About Coldweather Headgear - Jan. 3

Coldweather Headgear has become quite an exciting category at  Here we have many categories available including Face Masks, Balaclavas, Motley Tubes, Flydannas, Neodannas, Helmet Liners, and Trooper Hats.  Top three categories include Face Masks, Balaclavas, and Motley Tubes.

Our Face Masks are mainly used for motorcycle riding face masks, but are also commonly used for paintballing, airsoft guns, skiing, sleigh riding, hunting, shoveling snow, etc.  Our face masks are made of a neoprene material that keeps you warm and dry in the colder months and wicks away the moisture in the warmer months.  The stretchy neoprene material is water resistant and very comfortable.  Most of our face masks reverse to black and we do have just a few that reverse to colors like purple, teal, high visibility orange, etc.  Designs include but are not limited to Skulls, Camouflage, Paisley, Solid Colors, Butterflies, Cancer Ribbons, Clowns, Crash Test Dummies, Sugar Skulls, Jason Glow in the Dark, Reaper, Glow in the Dark Spider Web, Glow in the Dark Skull, Zombie, etc.

coldweather headgear  : motorcycle riding face mask

Our Balaclavas are made from 100% polyester, polar fleece, or nylon.  The balaclava is commonly referred to as a ski mask.  Balaclavas protect you from the elements and gives you full head and face coverage.  Designs include Black and White Skull Balaclava, Solid Black, Camouflage, Olive, Rose and Skull, Mustache, High Visibility Orange, Cyborg, Luchador, etc.

black and white skull balaclava  : ski mask

My favorite, our Motley Tubes, are made of 100% polyester or polar fleece.  Motley Tubes are commonly referred to as Multiclavas, Neck Gaiters and Mufflers.  Motley tubes can be worn as balaclavas, scarves, skull cap, motorcycle face mask, neckwear, headwrap, or a desert scarf.    Motley tubes are usually used as a neck gaiter by pulling the motley tube down over your head until the entire piece is down under your chin, covering you neck.  Stuff the bottom of the motley tube into the top of your shirt or sweatshirt.  This keeps the cold wind/air off your neck and prevents it from going down your back causing cold chills.  Motley tubes make a huge difference in how warm you will be when outdoors or even in a chilly neighborhood restaurant or local watering hole.  I can't say enough about Motley Tubes, they are a must have!

motley tubes : neck gaiter

When looking for top of the line coldweather headgear, stop by and check out our headgear categories.  We have many items available, in most cases your order will ship the next day, we guarantee all of our products, and have very friendly customer service reps to assist you.


New Colors Available in our Liquid Polarized Eyewear!

Now offering new colors in our Liquid Polarized Eyewear!  Colors available now include the following:


Purple (pictured below with blue mirror polarized lens)
Desert Tan
Olive Drab Green
Matte Black
Gun Metal
Blue (pictured below with mirror polarized lens)

Smoke Polarized
Blue Mirror Polarized
Mirror Polarized
Red Mirror Polarized
Rose Hi-Def Polarized
Rose LTD 17/35
Smoke LTD Hellfire 17/84

Lenses are offered in UV, Light to Dark, and Polarized Lenses.  The Liquid Player Sunglasses and the Liquid Gasket Sunglasses are also offered as Bi-Focal Reading Glasses and can be purchased in any of the above mentioned frame colors with a smoke lens.  Starting price of $124.99

liquid player polarized sunglasses  : liquid polarized aluminum eyewear


New Hunting Face Mask now Available - Dec. 3, 2013

New Hunting Face Masks at!  Woodland Camo that reverses to High Visibility Orange.  Can be worn as camouflage or it can be worn as high visibility orange.

Woodland Camouflage Face Mask
Item# WNFM118HV

Neoprene face mask features full coverage of face and ears. Stretchy neoprene material is warm and water resistant. Lined with black stretch nylon trim. Patterns are reversible to high visibility orange. Velcro closure ensures great fit with goggles, with a helmet or without. Great for winter time activities such as motorcycle riding face mask, sleigh riding, walking, skiing, etc.  One size fits most. Woodland camouflage reverses to high visibility orange.

Sale Price  $12.99 for a limited time!
camouflage hunting face mask : high visibility orange face mask
 Shop for your Camouflage Hunting Face Mask while supplies last!


Wayfarer Sunglasses with Mirror Lenses - November 22, 2013

New Mirrored Wayfarer Sunglasses at!  The original wayfarer frame with charcoal mirrored lenses is among the most popular wayfarer sold today! Many people like the charcoal mirror lens because others can not see your eyes when wearing these.  These have spring temples and lenses that protect you from harmful UV rays.  Sale Price $19.99 while supplies last.

black wayfarer sunglasses : mirror wayfarer sunglasses

We also have many other wayfarer sunglasses in many other colors and designs.  At, you will find the biggest selection of wayfarer sunglasses to be found anywhere!


Habervision Now Available - November 7, 2013

Yes, you did read that title correctly! has added Habervision Goggles to their inventory and are ready to move these goggles during these winter months!  The following styles are now available for purchase at

Barrow Safety Goggles
Cheetah Goggle Available with or without Eliminator Fan
Faro Goggle Available with or without Eliminator Fan
Highline Goggle Available with or without Eliminator Fan
Nitrous Goggle Available with or without Eliminator Fan
Riva Goggle Available with or without Eliminator Fan
Simba Goggle Available with or without Eliminator Fan

The Eliminator Automatic No-Fog Fan Technology delivers fog-free visual optimization.  Completely self contained and fully automatic, the Haber Eliminator  works by sensing the rising humidity level inside your goggle before fog has a chance to form, and automatically activating a tiny fan that vents the warm moist air to the atmosphere. When humidity regains an acceptable level, the fan turns off automatically.

Because of its module design the Eliminator can be inserted in all Haber Goggles as well as most other goggles It is removable and transferable. Switch it from goggle to goggle. It is both functional and versatile.
The Eliminator operates in one of three modes;

1. Always on.
2. Automatic (sensor activated)
3. Off.

Powered by one AAA battery and weighing less than 2 ounces, when mounted in a goggle, it is unobtrusive and unbelievably quiet. It runs when needed and powers down when not needed. It’s artificial intelligence for goggles.

Snow Goggles, Ski Goggles, Polarized Snow Goggles, Eliminator Fan Goggles, Safety Goggles, and more now available at!  Visit us today at  Buy two pair or more receive free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

habervision goggles : eliminator fan goggles


Get your Motley Tubes Now! Nov. 5, 2013

New Motley Tubes now available (pictured below), in stock and ready for purchase!  New styles include a Purple Paisley Motley Tube, Skull Motley Tube, and a Galaxy Motley Tube.  These are brand new items, just out on the market starting last week, they will go fast!  Get your motley tubes now, it's that time of year again!

Motley Tubes, also referred to as Multiclavas, Neck Gaiters, Buffs, or Mufflers can be worn over a dozen ways. Some of the most popular ways to wear your Motley Tube would include as a skull cap, a motorcycle face mask, a camouflage face mask, neckwear, as a headwrap, as a desert scarf, or even as a Balaclava. This is just a fews ways to use your Motley Tube. One size fits all.

Click on images to view details and or to add to cart.

purple paisley motley tube : T228 :  multiclava skull motley tube : T227 :  multiclava galaxy motley tube : T230 :  multiclava


Novelty Socks at - October 31, 2013

Crazy Novelty Socks now at!  Crew socks and low-cut socks available.  Styles include sneaker socks, tie dye socks, retro waves, retro stripe socks, stripes, tie dye swirl, argyle cool socks, colorful peace socks, monkey socks, disco socks, heart socks, flip flop socks, polka dot socks, smile happy socks, zebra print socks, and much more!

70% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 5% Spandex.
novelty socks : crazy socks

Fits women and young girls ranging in shoe size from 4-10.5.  Prices range from $3.50 to $3.99 a pair.  Get your Crazy Socks at!


Sun Readers - Latest Styles Availabe! - October 28, 2013

Stylish Sun Readers at for men and women!  Sun Readers serve not only as amazing accessories, but also as amazing reading glasses for beach trips, yard sales, window shopping, construction work, motorcycle riding, traveling, etc.

Powers range from +1.00 to +3.00.  Lens colors typically include smoke, brown, and charcoal.  Frame colors include a much wider array of colors in many different designs.  Some designs include floral designs, stripes, solid colors, transparent colors, plaid, etc.  Styles include small square frames, sporty wrap around frames, goggles, rhinestone sun readers, aviator frames, big round frames, designer sun readers, wayfarer frames,  and small oval frames.

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Motley Tubes in Stock Now! - October 23, 2013

Check out for new Motley Tubes!  Motley tubes are definitely top of the line when looking for winter headgear.  The Motley Tube is wind-resistant, breathable and wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable in both warm and cold climates! Wear it as a bandanna, scarf, beanie, balaclava, headband, wristband, helmet-liner, muffler or dust screen and more! Great for Motorcycle Riding, Sleigh Riding, Bicycling, Walking or any other winter sport activity. Great for stuffing into the top of your neckline on your sweater, shirt or coat to keep the cold air off of your neck and upper torso.Lightweight, machine washable and dries in minutes, one size fits most.

Motley Tubes, also known as Multiclavas, can be purchased in 100% polyester, polyester and fleece combined, or 100% fleece.  If you plan to spend much time with your motley tube pulled up around your mouth and/or nose, the polyester is much lighter in material and is breathable.  If you plan to wear your motley tube primarily around your neck, the 100% fleece material is heavier and therefore warmer.  You can also choose the polyester motley tube lined with fleece for an all around comfortable fit that will serve many purposes, most of all, warmth!

We have many designs including paisley, solids, skulls, crossbones, flames, cancer ribbons, camouflage, etc.  We have designs for men and women.  Be sure to try one of these, you will not regret it.  Matter of fact, you'll be telling friends and family about your motley tube the first time you wear it.  Makes a tremendous difference in how warm you feel in these colder temps we are experiencing and/or preparing to receive.

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Military Face Mask in stock now! - October 16, 2013

Military Face Mask now in stock at!  Our face mask are made of a neoprene material which is designed to keep you warm and dry in the winter months and helps to wick away moisture in the summer months.  Our Neoprene Face Mask features full coverage of the face and ears. The neoprene fabric is warm and wind resistant and has nylon bound edges for durability. Hook and loop closure ensures customizable fit.  Can be used with or without a helmet. One size fits most. Designs include US Army, US Marine Corp, USMC Blue Crest,  and USMC MARPAT & Logo.  Come check us out at!