Body Specs Sunglasses, Military Eyewear, Law Enforcement Eyewear

Body Spec Sunglasses & Goggles available in polarized lenses, interchangeable lenses, photochromic sunglasses, and accessories.  Body Specs Sunglasses & Goggles focus on Military, Law Enforcement, Motorcyclists, Sport Enthusiast, Shooters, and Hunters.  RX ready or RX compatible.
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BSG 2 Sunglasses/Goggles Photo Sunlights

Body Specs® offers 12 styles prescription ready. Body Specs® is able to use lightweight, shatterproof, polarized or non-polarized polycarbonate prescription lenses in its 8 base, face-hugging frames. Plus, you can choose from an array of enhancing lens colors. The prescription lenses in Body Specs® are made of polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is the safest most impact resistant prescription lenses available. It will be fabricated to exacting standards meeting Z87.1 safety lens, it will meet and exceed the drop-ball testing standard for such a lens. 

The BSG-GOGGLES/SUNGLASSES are Lab Certified for Ballistics & Safety, ANSI Z87.+ Z80.3 & Military Standards MIL-STD 662. The BSG series are RX-READY for prescriptions.

NEWS: BODY SPECS was issued a U.S. Design Patent D525,643 for the BSG & BSG-2.

All body Specs products carry a one-year warranty against any manufacture defects. This does not cover negligence in the use of the product. Please contact the Warranty Dept. 1-800-824-5907