Childrens Sunglasses - New Kids Sunglasses for 2016 - 100% UVA & UVB Protected

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Childrens sunglasses come in many sunglass shades, colors, and styles. Some of the childrens eyewear comes with high quality poly frames and some with metal frames. Also offered are Birdz Eyewear Goggles for kids, popular when motorcycle riding, sleigh riding, watersports and more.

Protect your childrens eyes, get a pair of childrens designer sunglasses today! At such low prices why not buy 2 pair and receive free shipping today and save your childrens eyes from those harmful ultraviolet rays. To read more about the protection of your children's eyesight click here:  Childrens Sunglasses!  Click into each item to view all available colors.
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Biohazard - KGBZ66129Biohazard - KGBZ66129
Choppers - KG-CP6599Choppers - KG-CP6599
Choppers - KG-CP6603Choppers - KG-CP6603
DGs - KG-DG26163DGs - KG-DG26163
DGs - KG-DG26691DGs - KG-DG26691
DGs - KG-DG26806DGs - KG-DG26806
Hello Kitty - KG-KT01GRHello Kitty - KG-KT01GR
LOCs - KG-LOC9003LOCs - KG-LOC9003
LOCs - KG-LOC9006LOCs - KG-LOC9006
LOCs - KG-LOC9030LOCs - KG-LOC9030
LOCs - KG-LOC9058LOCs - KG-LOC9058
LOCs - KG-LOC9097LOCs - KG-LOC9097
The Talon Jr.The Talon Jr.
X-Loops - KG-X2056X-Loops - KG-X2056
X-Loops - KG-X2090X-Loops - KG-X2090
X-Loops - KG-X2282X-Loops - KG-X2282
X-Loops - KG-X3529X-Loops - KG-X3529
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