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Gatorz Sunglasses, Gatorz Metal Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses

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Gatorz Metal Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses
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When looking for eyewear of exceptional quality Gatorz Precision Built Eyewear is what comes to mind! Head turning style and comfort comes standard with your pair of Gatorz. The Frames are milled from High Quality aircraft aluminum. The aluminum is rated at T-6 which is the same high quality aluminum the United States currently uses in constructing Military Aircraft. This means fewer scratches and still pliable to adjust for a comfortable fit. Riveted Silver Nickel Hinges and Teflon coated screws are hand assembled for further quality and craftsmanship.

Gatorz lenses are made of G15 Polycarbonate material giving you the highest impact strength and zero distortion. Blocks 100% of all UV radiation and with the cooling property of aluminum Gatorz is excellent for exercise and outdoor activity to reduce the effects of fogging. Gatorz Limited Warranty is good for ONE YEAR for the original purchaser. Terms and Conditions Apply

Gatorz Lifetime Rebuild Agreement is for the original purchaser for as long as the original purchaser owns the eye wear. Rebuild Service is also available.

The Photochromic Lens offers day to night wear, indoor to outdoor. Photochromic lenses adjust to light by changing the color or tint to the lens. Photochromic Sunglasses reduce the stress on your eyes and provide for a relaxing atmosphere whether in light or dark. Photochromic lenses are offered in grey and rose.

Polarized Lenses have a laminated surface with vertical stripes allowing for only vertical polarized light. Because of this the horizontal polarized light can not get past to the wearer's eyes. This stops the glare from wet surfaces such as roads and water. Polarized lenses are ideal for fisherman and drivers. Polarized lenses offered in grey polarized and brown polarized.