Motley Tubes - Multiclavas - Neck Gaiters

Motley Tubes, Multicalvas, Cold Weather Headgear, Motorcycle Headgear, Mufflers

Motley Tubes, also referred to as Multiclavas, Neck Gaiters, Buffs, or Mufflers can be worn over a dozen ways. Some of the most popular ways to wear your Motley Tube would include as a skull cap, a motorcycle face mask, a camouflage face mask, neckwear, as a headwrap, as a desert scarf, or even as a Balaclava. This is just a fews ways to use your Motley Tube. One size fits all.
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Motley Tube-Blue Flames - T002
Motley Tube-Black Paisley - T101
Motley Tube-Red Paisley - T106
Motley Tube-Blue Paisley - T111
Motley Tube-Crossbones - T113
Motley Tube-Gray Flames T115
Motley Tube - Woodland Camo -T118
Motley Tube - U.S. Army, Digital ACU Camo -T169
Motley Tube - Green - T200
Motley Tube-Solid Pink - T215
Motley Tube - Classic Flames -T223
Motley Tube - Big Flames - T224
Motley Tube - Hearts & Wing -T225
Motley Tube - Bali -T226
Motley Tube - Skull Xbones -T227
Motley Tube - Purple Paisley -T228
Motley Tube - Tribal -T229
Motley Tube - Galaxy -T230
Motley Tube - Vintage Flag -T231
Motley Tube - Wavy American Flag -T265
Motley Tube-U.S. Army, Multi Logo - T702
Motley Tube - Pink Ribbon -TBC01
Motley Tube Combo - Orange Flames - TC001
Motley Tube Combo-Black Paisley - TC101
Motley Tube Combo-Crossbones - TC113
Motley Tube Combo-Solid Black - TC114
Motley Tube Combo -Gray Flames TC115
Motley Tube Combo - Pink Ribbon -TCBC01
Motley Tube Fleece - Black Paisley - TF101
Motley Tube Fleece - Solid Black - TF114
Fleece Motley Tube - Woodland Camo to High-Vis -TF118HV
Motley Tube Fleece - Skull Xbones - TF227
Motley Tube Fleece - Purple Paisley - TF228
Motley Tube Fleece - Galaxy - TF230
Fleece Motley Tube - Vintage Flag -TF231
Fleece Motley Tube - Fleece Lined, Mustaches -TF232
Fleece Motley Tube - Wavy Amercian Flag -TF265
Neck Gaiter - Charcoal Grey & High Vis. Lime - WFMFN001HV
Neck Gaiter - Hot Pink & High Vis. Lime - WFMFN002HV
Motley Tube-Fleece - Red - WT104
Motley Tube - Fleece Black - WT114
Motley Tube - Fleece Blue - WT183
Motley Tubes Can be Worn Numerous Ways!!
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