Padded Sunglasses Great for Riding - Protect your Eyes from Wind and Debris!

Padded Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses, Foamer Sunglasses, Foamer Goggles

Foamer sunglasses and foamer goggles are great for motorcycle riding.  The foam padding prevents wind from drying out and affecting your eyesight and keeps road debris and rocks from hitting you in the eyes.  Motorcycle riding sunglasses with padding make for a much safer ride!  Our foamers include a wide selection of polarized lenses, photochromic lenses, Rx lenses, and interchangeable kits. 

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Alpha Interchangeable Ballistic GoggleAlpha Interchangeable Ballistic Goggle
Alpha Interchangeable Ballistic GoggleAlpha Interchangeable Ballistic Goggle
Ambush Convertible 2Ambush Convertible 2
Ambush Convertible, SmokeAmbush Convertible, Smoke
Ava - PhotochromicAva - Photochromic
Ava Convertible - Breast CancerAva Convertible - Breast Cancer
Ava Convertible - PearlAva Convertible - Pearl
Ava Convertible, SmokeAva Convertible, Smoke
Beginner Off-Road GoggleBeginner Off-Road Goggle
BlackJack 2 Convertible, SmokeBlackJack 2 Convertible, Smoke
Bobster Off Road GogglesBobster Off Road Goggles
Bugeye 2 Goggle, InterchangeableBugeye 2 Goggle, Interchangeable
Bugeye Goggle, AmberBugeye Goggle, Amber
Bugeye Goggle, ReflectiveBugeye Goggle, Reflective
Choppers - 8CP901Choppers - 8CP901
Choppers - 8CP901 HDChoppers - 8CP901 HD
Choppers - 8CP901 PinkChoppers - 8CP901 Pink
Choppers - 8CP901 SilverChoppers - 8CP901 Silver
Choppers - 8CP901 WhiteChoppers - 8CP901 White
Choppers - 8CP901BLMChoppers - 8CP901BLM
Choppers - 8CP901RDMChoppers - 8CP901RDM
Choppers - 8CP904Choppers - 8CP904
Choppers - 8CP909Choppers - 8CP909
Choppers - 8CP912Choppers - 8CP912
Choppers - 8CP913Choppers - 8CP913
Choppers - 8CP914Choppers - 8CP914
Choppers - 8CP918Choppers - 8CP918
Choppers - 8CP922Choppers - 8CP922
Choppers - 8CP923Choppers - 8CP923
Crossfire, AmberCrossfire, Amber
Crossfire, ClearCrossfire, Clear
Crossfire, SmokeCrossfire, Smoke
Cruiser 2 Goggle, InterchangeableCruiser 2 Goggle, Interchangeable
Cruiser Goggle, AmberCruiser Goggle, Amber
Cruiser Goggle, ClearCruiser Goggle, Clear
Cruiser Goggle, ReflectiveCruiser Goggle, Reflective
Desperado Sunglass, Clear Lens w/ FoamDesperado Sunglass, Clear Lens w/ Foam
Desperado Sunglass, Smoked Lens w/ FoamDesperado Sunglass, Smoked Lens w/ Foam
Desperado Sunglass, Yellow Lens w/ FoamDesperado Sunglass, Yellow Lens w/ Foam
DZL Riding GogglesDZL Riding Goggles
Echo Convertible SunglassesEcho Convertible Sunglasses
Foamers - 2588PKFoamers - 2588PK
Foamerz 2 Sunglasses, AmberFoamerz 2 Sunglasses, Amber
Foamerz 2 Sunglasses, ClearFoamerz 2 Sunglasses, Clear
Foamerz 2 Sunglasses, SmokeFoamerz 2 Sunglasses, Smoke
Foamerz Sunglasses, AmberFoamerz Sunglasses, Amber
Foamerz Sunglasses, ClearFoamerz Sunglasses, Clear
Foamerz Sunglasses, SmokeFoamerz Sunglasses, Smoke
Fuel Biker GoggleFuel Biker Goggle
Fuel Biker Goggle -YellowFuel Biker Goggle -Yellow
Gunner Convertible, Photochromic LensGunner Convertible, Photochromic Lens
GXR Sunglasses, AmberGXR Sunglasses, Amber
Hekler Sunglass, Photochromic LensHekler Sunglass, Photochromic Lens
Igniter Goggle, Photochromic LensIgniter Goggle, Photochromic Lens
Informant Sunglasses, Removable FoamInformant Sunglasses, Removable Foam
Invader Sunglass, Orange PhotochromicInvader Sunglass, Orange Photochromic
Invader Sunglass, Rose PhotochromicInvader Sunglass, Rose Photochromic
Low Rider II Convertible SunglassesLow Rider II Convertible Sunglasses
Nighthawk OTG GogglesNighthawk OTG Goggles
Nighthawk OTG Goggles - ClearNighthawk OTG Goggles - Clear
Phoenix OTG InterchangeablePhoenix OTG Interchangeable
Piston Goggle, AmberPiston Goggle, Amber
Piston Goggle, ClearPiston Goggle, Clear
Piston Goggle, ReflectivePiston Goggle, Reflective
Piston Goggle, SmokePiston Goggle, Smoke
Raptor II InterchangeableRaptor II Interchangeable
Renegade Convertible, Photochromic LensRenegade Convertible, Photochromic Lens
Resolve InterchangeableResolve Interchangeable
Road Hog II ConvertibleRoad Hog II Convertible
Road Master Convertible, PhotochromicRoad Master Convertible, Photochromic
Road Runner Goggle, SmokeRoad Runner Goggle, Smoke
Rukus Sunglasses PhotochromicRukus Sunglasses Photochromic
Ryval Sunglass, Shiny Black FrameRyval Sunglass, Shiny Black Frame
Scarlet Womens Sunglass, Open Cell Foam, BlkScarlet Womens Sunglass, Open Cell Foam, Blk
Scarlet Womens Sunglasses, Open Cell Foam, OliveScarlet Womens Sunglasses, Open Cell Foam, Olive
Scarlet Womens Sunglasses, Open Cell Foam, TortoiseScarlet Womens Sunglasses, Open Cell Foam, Tortoise
Shield II Sunglass, AmberShield II Sunglass, Amber
Shield II Sunglass, Blue, SmokeShield II Sunglass, Blue, Smoke
Shield II Sunglass, ClearShield II Sunglass, Clear
Shield II Sunglass, SmokeShield II Sunglass, Smoke
Shield II Sunglass, SmokeShield II Sunglass, Smoke
Shield III Sunglass, SmokeShield III Sunglass, Smoke
Shield III Sunglass, YellowShield III Sunglass, Yellow
Spektrax Convertible, w/Optical InsertSpektrax Convertible, w/Optical Insert
Sport & Street 2 ConvertibleSport & Street 2 Convertible
Sport & Street ConvertibleSport & Street Convertible
Touring 2 Goggle, ClearTouring 2 Goggle, Clear
Touring 2 Goggle, SmokedTouring 2 Goggle, Smoked
Traitor Sunglass, Oval Wrap FrameTraitor Sunglass, Oval Wrap Frame
Trident Convertible, Polarized Smoked, Clr & Amber LensTrident Convertible, Polarized Smoked, Clr & Amber Lens
Trike Sunglass w/ Foam, Anti-fog AmberTrike Sunglass w/ Foam, Anti-fog Amber
Trike Sunglass w/ Foam, Anti-fog ClearTrike Sunglass w/ Foam, Anti-fog Clear
Trike Sunglass w/ Foam, Anti-fog SmokedTrike Sunglass w/ Foam, Anti-fog Smoked
Vertx Goggles 55015AVertx Goggles 55015A
Wrap Around Goggle, ClearWrap Around Goggle, Clear
XRH, Smk & Clr Lenses, ANSI Z87XRH, Smk & Clr Lenses, ANSI Z87