Sun Readers - New Styles Available for 2014!

Sun Readers, Tinted Reading Glasses, No Line Sun Readers

Click into each item to view available colors and powers.  No Line Sunreaders are below the Bi-Focals.
Bi-Focal Sun Readers
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Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: 7978ASBF
Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses - 5043AF/B
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R419BS
Bi-Focal Sun Readers - 7988SBF
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R432BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R434BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R427BS
Player - Bi -Focal
Gasket - Bi -Focal
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R369BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R426BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R266BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R801BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R288BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R425BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R265BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R408BS
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R420BS
Reading Glasses - ST9952SBF
Bi-Focal Sun-Readers: R409BS
No Line Sun Readers
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Sun Readers - R2020DG
Sun Readers - R2026DG
Sun Readers - R2027DG
Sun-Readers: R278S
Sun-Readers: R459RS/S
Sun Readers - R261S
Sun-Readers: R424S
Sun-Readers: R606S
Sun Readers: R400S is super excited about their new Sun Readers! 

Do you use readers, do your eyeglasses have bifocals, do you carry around a pair of readers and find yourself constantly changing sunglasses to glasses in order to read?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need a pair or two of our Sun Readers!  Sun Readers are the new hit among the "middle age" and "older generation".  Sun Readers are great for summer time activities, traveling, beach trips, reading outdoors on your Ipad, going to yard sales, they have so many uses and make life so much easier.  It's outstanding!!

We carry Sun Readers for men and women, it's only fair! has the most up to date styles in all of our categories, including Sun Readers.  For women, we do carry some of the smaller frames, the typical reading glasses frame, but we also carry some of the big round sun readers, THIS is what's in style!  For men, we carry metal frames and aviator style sun readers.  It's what men want!

Powers generally range from +1.25 to +3.00.  Each style has various powers and colors available.  Our sun readers come available in bifocal sun readers or just sun readers.  It's your preference and your style, pick out a pair or two today.  These will go fast - this is not simply a sales gimmick - it's the honest truth.  Again, these will go FAST!  Shop now, don't delay!